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This is an exciting new programme which covers a wide  range of Ivory Coast  derived dances. This is a fun class, great for fitness too!

African Dance Classes

Dances from the Ivory Coast are ones of the most challenging in Africa due to the use of the centre as a rhythmical base.

Zamble African Dance Company perform a repertoire of the regional dances of the Ivory Coast. Comprising some 60 distinct ethnic groups, the Ivory Coast boasts one of the most varied and dynamic traditional dance cultures in West Africa.

Gaspard Zamble grew up in Zrabisseifla, a village in Central West Ivory Coast, famous for the masked dance called Zaouli. Gaspard is an accomplished exponent of Zaouli, and so offers  the chance to see an authentic example of mask – the life-blood and root of all African dance culture.

In addition, by virtue of his long and varied experience, Gaspard is able to teach a repertoire of traditional dances from all over the African continent, and also fuse contemporary and other cultural influences with his own dance heritage to produce new and exciting performance and parading work.