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Afro Cubano

Nearly 1 million Africans from West and Central Africa were captured by Cuba's Spanish colonists and brought to Cuba during the 16th through 19th centuries.

We would like to introduce to you the beauty of dances seeped in historical significance

As Cuba's plantations expanded in the late 18th and 19th centuries, so did the slave trade. Most enslaved Africans in Cuba were Yoruba from Nigeria.

Most of the  dances  are from the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria  These dances originate from Yoruba traditions  imported by enslaved Africans into Cuba . These slaves were controlled by the spanish and were forced to speak Spanish and convert to Christianity. In order to preserve their native religious traditions, the  slaves gave their African dieties  the names of Christian saints and thus continued to worship them.  This religion is known as Santeria, and under disguise,   many religious  rituals, dances and musical traditions from Africa were preserved.  Santeria is still practised in Cuba  today.

Afro Cubano dance brings life to  these  Orishsas (saints) - Eleggua, Oggun, Oshun, Chango, Yemaya, Arara, Obatala, and many others.