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  1. Can I pay as I go?     All school fees are paid per term in advance of the term starting. Term fees here
  2. What if I miss  lessons?  Attendance will carry as normal when your child returns. Unfortunately refunds are not made of non attendance
  3. Can my child start at any time of the year?   Children are required to start attending lessons at the beginning of the term.  Children are accepted  at the beginning of half term if they have missed the start date.
  4. What does my child wear for class?  All children are required to wear the appropriate uniform designated for the their level. This is purchased through BDS prior to the start of the term. Uniform here
  5. Can I attend a trial before registering?  A trial lesson may be purchased for £11. This fee is deducted from the course fee if registration is completed on the day of the trial. Payment link here
  6. Is there a discount for siblings? There is a 5% discount for siblings on course fees.
  7. Are there any exams to be taken?  All BDS pupils are registered for exams annually.
  8. How much do exams cost? Exam fees are charged according to level. Please follow the link for exam fees
  9. Do BDS pupils perform? BDS prepares an end of year performance each and every year.  This is normally performed at the Dugdale Theatre in Enfield Town.
  10. Can pupils opt out of shows or exams? All BDS pupils are expected to perform and take exams each year.
  11. When are the exams held? Exams are normally held during the middle of July before the end of school Summer term.
  12. Should my child practise at home? It is highly recommended that children practise at home. Please see our  Youtube  channel for class material
  13. When is the annual performance?  The annual performance is normally held during the middle of July before the end of the school Summer term. Please see our photo gallery
  14. How should my child’s hair be worn?  All pupils should have their hair tied up for class. A classical ballerina bun is required  during exams and performances .
  15. Do parents pay for costumes? Parents do not pay for costumes specifically. Parents are required to contribute towards the costs of the annual production  (recital supplement) at the beginning of Spring Term.
  16. Can my child perform BDS choreography outside of the school? All material choreographed by BDS for BDS is not to be performed anywhere other than with BDS. Use of BDS material for personal use without permission is strictly prohibited.
  17. How are dancers selected for performances? Pupils are selected on merit.
  18. Will my daughter get good dance roles based on length of attendance? No. Dancers are selected on their suitability for the role.
  19. Are there rehearsals outside of class time? Some pupils may be required to attend rehearsals where necessary. This usually applies to solos, duets and trios. Dress rehearsals are scheduled in preparation for performances for the whole school.
  20. Am I charged for rehearsals? Rehearsals are not charged.
  21. Can exams be recorded? Exams cannot be recorded.
  22. Can I watch exams? Watching exams is not permitted.
  23. Can I watch lessons?  Lessons may be watched externally from the studio.
  24. Can I video lessons?  Videoing of lessons is strictly prohibited.
  25. Can I photograph lessons? Taking photos of lessons is strictly prohibited.