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Choreography LOCN Accredited

Would you like to develop the skills needed for  choreography?

Choreography is a product of personal expression.  Develop your own personal style in a structured course and benefit from the discussions and endeavours of your  peers.  Enjoy the role  of choreographer and learn from the experience of  being part of someone else's vision of dance.  Receive a nationally accepted certificate in recognition of your efforts.

Learn the basic principles of choreography and you will be able to improve your choreography skills

The course lasts 6 weeks . Work in a supportive environment with like-minded people.

The course is based on continuous assessment and for submission of  three choreographic works pieces:

 A solo

 A duet

 A group dance

This course is based on structural aspects of choreography and is therefore open to students from a variety of dance backgrounds. These works are monitored throughout the course but are submitted for assessment at the conclusion of the programme.

If you are contemplating taking this course you should be advised of the commitment required for the course. The Choreography requires you to be available for additional time outside the course hours to meet the demands of choreographic assignments, both for you and your peers. Generally, most rehearsals are arranged on Saturdays when all participants are present. Please note that successful completion of the course is not possible without this commitment.

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